Wrong Way - Odd Bin Item

Wrong Way - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. The magician shows a large traffic signal with a big arrow on each side. He explains the traffic must go in this direction at the signal.

One arrow points left, the other points right.

The comedy begins when the arrows change and point the opposite ways, both to the left, both to the right, then up & down.

Finally, the Magician says, "If you don't pay attention to the traffic signals the police will give you a ticket".

The plaque drops open showing a police officer 44" high in full colour, the face cut out and the magician's face showing through it!

An unusual comedy routine that is suitable for both children and adult audiences.

The apparatus is big and bold suitable for the largest stage, yet ideal to perform in any situation.

Comes complete with large plaque & instructions. 1 in stock.

Overseas please note this is a heavy item and may attract extra postage before we can dispatch it to you.

Only £29.99

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