Design In Mind

Design In Mind

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Here is a truly exciting effect that will bring you loads of publicity and applause wherever you perform. It is ideal for television, radio, stage, club, cabaret & even newspaper offices.

Any spectator has a free choice of a simple design, which they then secretly draw on their own paper and in colour, folding the paper and sealing it into an envelope. Under ‘test conditions’ you can SENSATIONALLY duplicate both the design and the colours used! No impression methods are required.

Supplied with details of several design - duplication effects performed by other mindreaders, mentalists & psychics like Ted Anneman, The Piddingtons, Burke & Wriggley and Max Blake. The author, who has performed the effect approximately 150 times over the past five years, also examines Uri Geller’s mind-boggling presentation of his outstanding ‘Picture Duplication Telepathy’.

Finally, the author reveals his own superb presentation of this classic mental effect, in which the secret design was not only correctly duplicated but using the very colours originally selected by the participating celebrity in his knock-out show.

Design In Mind is very easy to do. This subtle and practical secret is revealed in the Mr. 'E' Promotions A4 8-page booklet complete with a special free “something extra” supplied.

Very sensibly priced and worth far more to the magician, ESP expert, hypnotist or mentalist who is truly seeking radio, television, magazine or newspaper publicity.

Design In Mind is designed to make your reputation!

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