Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann

Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann

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Mindreading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines and other 'psychic' effects are amongst the most impressive tricks in any magician's repertoire. Their power to amaze and dumbfound an audience is unparalleled in the domain of stage magic.

In this facinating volume, one of the greatest of all mental magicians, Mr. Theodore Annemann, reveals the secrets behind nearly 200 astonishing feats of mental magic.

The routines encompass 12 major categories and feature effects with billets and pellets, publicity effects, dead or alive, book tests, thought foretold, miscellaneous mental masterpieces, envelope necromancy, miracle slate routines, blindfold reading, mentalism with cards and psychic codes. Scores of other crowd pleasers are explained.

Unabridged 310-page paperback publication of the edition published by Holden's Magic Shops 1944, under the title Annemann's Practical Mental Effects. Practical Mental Magic has 100 black & white illustrations throughout.

See also Practical Mental Effects which is the same book but with a different cover.

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