Off-Beat Giant Size

Off-Beat Giant Size

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I originally marketed Off-Beat in 1958 and it proved to be the perfect effect for close-up and walkabout. It has a baffling method that is easy to do and is quickly re-set.

It has been so successful over the years that I made myself a set in Giant Sized cards suitable for my stand-up, cabaret and stage performances where it proved to be another super, baffling item in both my magic & mentalism shows; a real applause puller!

I ctually do not know of ano ther Giant Card Effect that has such a fantastic climax

The Giant Size is now offered here for the very first time.

You show ten face down giant sized playing cards (and only ten are used – no extras). Two spectators each select a different card and these are then shown face upwards by them alongside each other, where it is seen that the two giant cards exactly match each other in both suit and value.

The audience naturally suspect that the remaining eight also match the two chosen ones; in other words you have ten cards that are all the same suit and value as each other.

As if reluctantly you admit that the cards you are left with are all the same and these cards are now turned face upwards to show this is true, but when you show them they do NOT match the two chosen ones.

All these eight cards exactly match each other but are a different colour, suit and value to the selected ones.

Incredibly the participants have chosen the two odd cards out of the packet of ten! The Giant cards can be examined thoroughly Nothing is added or taken away. It just seems impossible.

A knock-out climax and a real stunner!

Off-Beat Giant Size is always ready to perform no matter what the occasion close-up, cabaret or stage shows!

Supplied complete with ten giant sized top-quality heavy duty cards (12.5 inches X 8 inches approx. A4) and full instructions.

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