Tossed Out Trio - Plus

Tossed Out Trio - Plus

Product ID: 1909

Eddie Burke’s Tossed Out Trio was first published in SYZYGY Volume 4, no. 4 issue 64. Now supplied with GIANT sized prediction cards.

One or more cards are predicted in this superb original presentation of Hoy’s Tossed Out Deck.

In David Hoy’s original Tossed Out Deck presentation he tossed the rubber banded deck out into the audience and whoever caught it peeped at a card and then tossed the deck to two other spectators who each merely peeped at a card as well. Hoy would then ask the three spectators to remain standing while he read their minds.

He would then rapidly name three playing cards and asked the three participants to sit if he had successfully named their card.

All three sat down. It’s a very clever magical classic!

In Eddie’s version he misses on one or more cards, and just when the audience thinks he has failed, Eddie draws attention to a large sealed envelope which has been on full view throughout the performance – you can even have it hanging high above the performance area if you prefer.

After appearing to have missed a chosen card – Eddie then removes a Giant card back out from the envelope and asks the gentleman still standing to call out the name of his card, he does so and Eddie turns around the giant card – it is the very card that the spectator has just named, making a fantastic prediction climax as well as an impossible demonstration of mind-reading!

Comes with a special deck of cards, giant envelope, several top quality heavy duty Giant sized playing cards & instructions.

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