My Best Self-Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves

My Best Self-Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves

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Karl Fulves presents step by step, foolproof instructions in this paperback book for 65 of his most impressive card tricks, guaranteed to work flawlessly and to impress and delight audiences.

Each trick is clearly explained and illustrated, and many include patter and presentation suggestions.

Chapters include:

*Personality Tests (4 tricks)
*Impromptu Tricks (5 effects)
*Klodyke Shuffle (3 tricks)
*Interactive Poker (5 effects)
*Red-Black tricks (6 effects)
*Marked for Mystery (5 tricks)
*Mind Reading (8 effects)
*Novelty Tricks (6 effects)
*The Deck is Stacked (3 tricks)
*Red-Backed Blues (5 effects)
*Roll the Dice (5 tricks)
*X-Ray Vision (4 effects)
*Card to Wallet (6 tricks)

Original Dover paperback publication 2001. 116 black & white illustrations in this 152-page prize collection of sure-fire tricks by one of the masters of card magic.

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