Card At Any Number - Select ONE FREE trick with each separate order

Card At Any Number - Select ONE FREE trick with each separate order

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You can select one FREE trick from this Category with each separate order. This item CAN be ordered with your downloads.

This is a card trick but not just any card trick; it is one that has paid big dividends, based on an original idea by David Berglas.

The first part of the explanation I only use on very special occasions, while the alternative presentation I have been using for years now as a feature effect in my show.

Effect number one: You show a new pack of playing cards still sealed in its cellophane wrapper and pass it to any member of the audience for safe keeping.

Another audience member names any card in the pack of fifty-two; this is a free choice, no force.

A third person calls out a number between one and fifty two.

The spectator, who is holding the pack now takes off the cellophane wrapper, breaks the seal and removes the pack.

They now count each card turning them faces upwards as they do until they come to the chosen number – and lo and behold it is the very card so very freely chosen!

Effect number two. Again someone holds a new pack of playing cards still sealed and someone thinks of a card.

You write something onto a sticky note and attach it to another sealed pack.

The spectator now names their freely chosen card and a second spectator reads off from the sticky note the number that you wrote earlier.

When the pack is opened and this number is counted to it proves to be the very card the spectator freely named!

Card at Any Number requires no force of the card; the spectators have a completely free choice.

We supply instructions only for these two baffling effects. Use your own packs of cards which can be any regular make.

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