Al Koran's Trio

Al Koran's Trio

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Three of Al Koran’s favourite effects are explained in this exciting publication, together with variations by Eddie Burke.

Triple Co-Incidence; A borrowed and audience shuffled pack of cards plus three slips of paper and a pencil or pen are all that is used in this outstanding effect.

You appear to have the ability to look into three spectators' minds and discover secret thought of numbers and then using ‘numerology’ you predict the cards that will appear at each of their ‘lucky numbers’.

This little-known method is a true reputation maker that can be performed impromptu anywhere and at anytime.
Jackpot Coins; An outstanding feature, cabaret or TV effect using just a number of ordinary coins & a glass bowl. A spectator secretly takes a handful of coins, yet you are able to reveal that coins you have also taken match up with the spectator’s coins - time and time again. This is the very trick that Al Koran baffled Einstein with!

Centre Prediction; A terrific prediction effect. It uses the well-known ‘Centre Tear’ principle, to bring about a superb prediction of a freely chosen celebrity.

This is one effect you will want to use again and again in both your close-up and cabaret work.

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