Triple Whammy - Difficult to find magic

Triple Whammy - Difficult to find magic

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Four different coloured cards are placed into separate envelopes. They are thoroughly mixed and one envelope is selected with an unknown colour inside (no force).

A large chart with 16 coloured blocks is displayed and a spectator is asked to call out any number between one and sixteen, yet again there is no force; any number can be chosen.

You then count the colours from left to right (just as you read a book) in a totally fair and above board manner.

Incredible as it seems the chosen colour matches the one in the envelope. But now for the kicker climax!

A prediction is revealed and this also matches the chosen colour! All this is accomplished without any forces. A triple whammy!

Comes complete with all the apparatus, the colour board which is useful in many other effects is 9 1/4 inches square to fit into your brief case or flat at the bottom of your show bag.

You will be able to perform this five minutes after reading the instructions. Very easy to do and makes a colourful display in your show.

Only two left and when they are gone they are gone for good.

A bargain at the price.

Only £19.99

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