5, 6, 7 Three-Card Trick

5, 6, 7 Three-Card Trick

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Here is another great comedy version of the famous Three-Card Trick which you claim was shown to you by your magical friend Paddy Murphy!

Murphy showed you three cards; a five, six and seven. Murphy had marked the value of each card on its back with a black marker pen.

The cards are laid out face down on a table and you are invited to pick out the “Devil’s calling card”, the number SIX card. Of course you cannot fail as it is marked with a number on its back.

Just to make it more difficult Murphy moves the cards about a little, still back upwards and again you are invited to pick out the six card.

So again you pick out the one marked six on its back and this can be repeated as often as you wish.

Murphy decides to make it still easier for you and removes the two other cards showing both their faces and backs before dropping them into his pocket

Only the six card now remains on the table face down, how can you lose?

But crafty Murphy then turns the card upside down so the six on its back now looks like a NINE.

Then you fail, for when the spectator turns over the card on your behalf, it has magically changed from a six to a nine! “Glory be, another miracle!” says Murphy as he collects your money off the table and makes his getaway!

Comes with the three Bicycle cards for you to write your own numbers on them using your own permanent marker pen & instructions.

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