Cards to Flowered Bags - Odd Bin Item

Cards to Flowered Bags - Odd Bin Item

Product ID: 1975

1 in stock. Effect 1: A close-up Dream Bag effect that you can carry in your pocket. Can be done with an ordinary brown paper bag or as a sleight of hand effect using only the special deck of playing cards and your hands.

The deck of cards disappears and turns into five bags of pretty flowers!

Effect 2: A deck of cards is removed from it's case, and shuffled.

Performer reaches into the cards, and produces a clear bag with coloured flowers, larger than the card case.

This is repeated to produce a total of five clear boxes of beautiful flowers, making a large colourful display. A novel and different type of card effect!

Comes complete with the special cards to five clear flower bags & instructions. 1 in stock.

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