Dream Queen Plus - GIANT sized playing cards

Dream Queen Plus - GIANT sized playing cards

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The superb mental effect ‘Dream Queen’ is an amazing and strong trick.

We supply it in regular size playing cards, jumbo & giant cards with an EXCELLENT professional routine in which you appear to read not just one but three different minds climaxed by the classic Dream Queen prediction.

You display an envelope that you explain contains the four Queens; Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs, leaving the envelope in full view.

Any audience member is requested to think of how much loose change he has in his pocket and you write something down leaving this in full view.

A second spectator takes out a banknote from his own pocket and concentrates on the number of his own note (no switch) and again you write something down.

A third audience member is asked to freely think of any of the four Queens and once more you write something down.

Any spectator reads out the written notes and you have successfully read three minds naming both the amount of loose change in the first spectator’s pocket, followed by the correct number on the banknote; the third note is a lovely gag following which the spectator names the Queen she is simply thinking of.

When the four cards are removed and fanned the Queen so freely named is found face upwards between the other three face down Queens, it is turned over and seen to be the only Queen with a different coloured back; a startling and unexpected applause pulling climax!

No force or Swami gimmick of any kind is used. A professional presentation that is easy to do but has a stunning effect on any audience.

Comes with Giant sized playing cards & instructions.

Only £16.99

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