Pip Card - Magnetic Giant Size for Stage

Pip Card - Magnetic Giant Size for Stage

Product ID: 2001

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A Giant Size, approx 8.5 inches by 12 inches, stage version of a very popular effect performed by many leading magicians throughout the world, by the renowned Uday. One of the best comedy stand-up tricks for many a year!

You show a black giant size 'card' with three red spots on one side and four red spots on the other side. No that's wrong there is only one spot on the first side ... But now there are six spots on the other side - how can that be? The audience will soon tell you because you made a mistake and they saw how it was done.

There's nothing for it but to come clean and show everyone how it works, which you do. The only trouble is as you explain more spots magically hop onto the card in the most confusing manner to the utter amazement of your audience who you have neatly led up the garden path, there is only one thing left for them to do and that is to applaud the clever magician who made them see SPOTS before their eyes!

Many variations to this terrific routine are possible.

Highly recommended, supplied complete and all ready for you to perform.

See also Hoppin Spots on this website for a smaller jumbo version.

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