Mini Brainwave Deck

Mini Brainwave Deck

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Here is a great idea for your close-up performances, a Mini Brainwave Deck that takes up very little room in your pocket; measuring approximately 2.5" x 1.5".

Slip the mini pack in its case on the table and ask anyone to freely name any card in a pack of fifty two, no force, they really do have a free choice.

You remove the mini pack from its case with no obvious sleight of hand and spread them face down.

One card is seen to be face upwards in the face down spread - it is the very card just named!

If you perform the well-known invisible card in which a spectator shuffles an invisible pack before turning one invisible card face down, then inserting it into the pack, the pack is now inserted into its invisible box & tossed to you - you appear to catch it and show the box has materialised in your hand, well with this Mini Brainwave Deck it is so easy to conceal it in your hand for the 'catch'.

The spectator names their card and this is the only one face up in the face down mini pack.

Comes with quality Bicycle Mini Brainwave Cards & instructions.

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