Kitty Kitten - Mre

Kitty Kitten - Mre

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Kitty Kitten is a delightful pack-flat effect that is ideal for your children’s shows. The adults will love it as well!

Five jumbo cards are shown each of which has a colourful picture on it. One picture is an endearing looking cat named “Kitty Kitten” who you tell the children is having her very first birthday!

Three of the pictures are Dogs who enjoy chasing Kitty and the fifth picture is of a cat basket where Kitty lives.

The Dogs decide to give Kitty a rose each for her birthday but they have difficulty catching her as she thinks they are chasing her tail yet again.

Discovering Kitty’s basket – one dog hides behind it waiting for Kitty to come home and the other two chase after her this way and that over the fields with flowers in their mouths – it is all very exciting!

All comes right at the finish however, for with the children’s help and a magic word or two Kitty VANISHES and magically appears back home – while the dog hiding behind the basket is magically transported back with the other two – so they all go home for their tea.

But what is hiding behind the basket? Well that’s a big surprise with all the fun of “turn it around” that the children love to call, bringing the routine to a lovely climax, when you can lead the children in a “…round of applause for Kitty the Kitten and her doggy friends!”

Only the five picture cards are used – no extra cards.
No pockets or flaps to worry about making it possible to perform almost anywhere.

Comes with the laminated colourful cards (approx 5.75 x 8 inches) and instructions.

Only £9.99

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