Chase the Ace - GIANT size

Chase the Ace - GIANT size

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Also known as the Three-Card Monte; an outstanding version of this famous classic close-up effect now made better than ever before with laminated long lasting cards & in three sizes.

You show three playing cards, the Ace of Diamonds and the Two and Three of Clubs; two black cards and one red card.

In this riveting routine spectators are invited to try and find the red Ace card, but they never pick out the correct one even when you do it more and more slowly and for three or more times, including a cod explanation!

Chase the Ace is one of the most visual card effects you will ever find and great fun for any kind of audience, appearing to require great skill but quickly learned and easy to perform.

Comes in three sizes; Close-up (approx. 103 x 140), Parlour (approx 105 x 208) and Stage (approx 205 x 295) with instructions & professional routine.

See also on this website: 3-Card Joe which includes a video of this effect.

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