Mirror Dimension _sorry sold out

Mirror Dimension _sorry sold out

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Defy and distort the laws of physics! Mirror Dimension is based upon Devin Knight's Retro-sight, except these word cards are business-card size and designed to fit into your pocket.

The magician is able to cause WORD CARDS to transpose with those inside a mirrored dimension. Magician introduces a set of a dozen word cards from the game Word Chase. He shows the cards freely front and back; nothing but a set of cards with a different word on each.

Performer claims that another dimension exists inside mirrors. To prove this, he holds the word cards one at a time in front of a mirror to show how the mirror reflects the printed word on the card as a mirrored image.

He says he will make the word cards in his hand change places with the ones inside the mirror.

Suddenly ALL the reflected cards in the mirror appear normal and can be read!

For a kicker the magician shows all the cards in his hand are now printed in reverse mirror images!

No short or long cards, no rough & smooth, no double faced word cards, no sticky stuff, and the packet of cards is not switched. An effect that will leave your spectators shaking their heads in disbelief.

Comes complete with a set of business-card size word cards, vinyl holder for the cards and complete directions detailing every nuance.

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