Habit-Paper Tear

Habit-Paper Tear

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Looking for a low cost but thoroughly entertaining effect suitable for your stand-up, parlour, stage or cabaret show? Look no farther you have just found it with Habit-Paper Tear.

To a highly amusing patter story concerning drinking tea, you display a large paper banner with big bold letters on it forming the word 'H A B I T'.

During the course of your story you tear off one letter at a time but the letters left still make sense to your amused audience.

The finish leaves everyone laughing and totally amazed when you restore the banner to all its glory once again still keeping to the theme of your story.

Habit-Paper Tear is a guaranteed applause-puller in every show. Ideal for magicians, compères and any entertainer who works comedy into their show.

Comes complete with ten sets of banners (approx 22" x 4.25"), patter story & instructions.

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