Jumbo Out Of This Universe

Jumbo Out Of This Universe

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You show six red faced and six black faced jumbo playing cards. Placing a red and a black card as face up markers, you mix the other ten into one face down pile.

Any spectator then decides which five cards are to be placed onto the red marker and which five onto the black marker.

They can change their mind, switching cards from pile to pile. They can even switch over the marker cards.

Once they are satisfied, the cards are all displayed face upwards.

They have correctly separated all the red cards into one pile and all the black cards into the other pile!

Only twelve cards are used. Eddie advertises that he will turn the chairman, attending celebrity or managing director into a mindreader when he performs this spectacular effect.

The Jumbo Cards are laminated for long life.

Jumbo Out Of This Universe uses the simplest means to create a wonder effect!

Comes complete with the Jumbo cards and full instructions.

Very easy to do requiring no sleights or moves.

Only £14.99

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