Wonderland DVD with Gimmicks

Wonderland DVD with Gimmicks

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Enter a world of fantasy, a place with charm and elegance; this is Wonderland. Inside you can perform effects with purity and grace like you have never known.

Wonderland is an assortment of some of the purest vanishes and productions ever released. You will learn to vanish and produce small objects in ways that look like make believe!

With a total of 15 vanishes/productions/reproductions Wonderland is filled with true, solid magic. Now is YOUR chance to experience these closely-guarded secrets from one of the world's top professionals. Bring your hands together and an object appears. With nothing more than a wave of your hand, the object vanishes completely. Your hands are shown empty at all times, before, during, and after. Everything is under your control.

A spectator gives you a borrowed/signed coin, you wave your hand over this coin (only one coin is used and is NEVER switched) and it disappears like a mirage. Not limited to coins, also necklaces, sweets, pearls, bracelets, balls, and so on. With Wonderland, you'll learn amazing vanishes and productions and get a stealth utility device with endless possibilities.

There are so many things that can be done, and so many ways it can be used. Your imagination is free to dream, free to create, and free to discover new things and new ways to express the magic that exists within you.

*No sleeves, no jacket; no clothing restrictions or requirements.
*Quick 7-second set-up that can be done on the fly in front of your audience.
*Instantly repeatable.
*Appropriate for any skill level - 90% of the work is done for you automatically!
*Nothing cumbersome; everything is sleek, compact and stealth.
*One can vanish borrowed coins with NO switching!
*Instant transformations of objects to something else.

Comes with an instructional DVD as well as numerous specially made gimmicks that come in a full 10-piece Wonderland kit. As a Bonus also includes 10 routines & effects, including an easy routine, a totally impromptu barehanded vanish & production of an object, new gimmicks with wide-open potential, and a lot more.

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