Invisible Card Routine

Invisible Card Routine

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This was a feature in Maurice Fogel’s show for several years. First as a burnt & restored card, then as an invisible card routine. Both routines are explained in detail, complete with all the patter.

Eddie Burke, with the assistance of Bayard Grimshaw and utilising a superb idea by Roy Johnson, has taken the basic Maurice Fogel Routine and turned it into a superbly entertaining three-fold mental prediction.

Furthermore, he has made the effect 400 times more visual so that it can be worked in the smallest to the largest venues. No sleight of hand is used. The props are simple and easy to obtain, in fact you possibly have them already in your own home.

The routine flows smoothly and naturally, incorporating the entire original fun and important patter lines of the Maurice Fogel classic! If you do magic or mentalism or if you entertain adults, then this 43-page book is definitely for you!


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