Fingertip Prediction

Fingertip Prediction

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This is a delightful routine for both children & adults.

You place down a small bag and never touch it again. Then one by one you introduce five of the cutest finger puppets ever seen. Each is in the form of a different clown. They all have wooden heads and colourful costumes. Each figure is placed on one of your fingers or the fingers of your helper(s). One by one four of the figures are eliminated until only one remains.

Anyone opens the bag containing your prediction – which is found to be the exact twin of the remaining puppet!

A superb prediction effect but there is more – showing your hands completely empty, you reach inside the selected puppet and remove a £20 note, proving how confident you were of your prediction choice. None of the other puppets have banknotes inside them. (You supply the banknote).

A wonderful novel and very appealing effect! Comes complete with six delightful finger puppets and FIVE easy to do routines.

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