Invisible Book Test

Invisible Book Test

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Way back in 1960 I hit on the idea of doing a book test – without any books and based on the invisible pack. In my mind, I saw a spectator choosing an imaginary or invisible book from several imagined by the rest of the audience.

He would find a page in the book suggested by another audience member and finally would choose a word of five or more letters from that page. The ‘invisible book’ would then be closed and placed to one side. As a check later, the selected word would be written on a card by the participant, which in turn would be sealed inside an opaque envelope. Ideally, the envelope and the card would not be faked in any way.

I would then read the participant’s mind and reveal the very imaginary word chosen, writing down my impressions. The word would be checked on the card then my impression revealed. This would be the very word the spectator was concentrating on!

I would have my miracle effect with no heavy books to carry!

I am delighted to report that the routine has been worked professionally by me for the past forty years, during which time I have developed loads of comedy situations that makes this a superb piece of modern entertainment.

During the routine explained in detail each and every member of the audience 'experiences the sensation' of holding two thick books on their palm - this is a most weird sensation that provokes comment and applause from even the hardest of audiences!

In addition, the effect is brought about without fakes of any kind. Ordinary cards, pencil and ordinary envelopes are used.

No information is required in advance of the show. No impressions, Swami Gimmicks, double writing, one-ahead, stooges or anything similar.

All is explained in the 13-page Mr. E booklet, together with my complete professional routine. Very easy to do.

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