Long Long Rope - (woollen) - de luxe

Long Long Rope - (woollen) - de luxe

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You show a long long rope looped over your fingers. The two ends of this de luxe woollen rope have white ends to make them more noticeable (the regular long long rope has no separate colours at the ends).

After showing the rope is long by passing it between your hands, you tie the two ends together and then pull the loops off one by one; when to everyone's amazement the rope has mysteriously become a strange knotted chain of rope loops.

You now pull each knot undone and find you now have four completely separate loops without knots and one loop with a knot!

The loops can now be tossed out singly to five different spectators in the audience for them to examine without a clue as to how it is done.

Tossing the loops out can also be a novel way to induce five spectators to come forward onto the stage or floor to assist you in your other magic and fun.

This is a very visual effect that you will perform often and it is very easy to do.

Comes complete with the special de luxe woollen rope & instructions.

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