Khan Envelope Test

Khan Envelope Test

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Use this to correctly reveal anyones `Pin Number a must startling effect.

Corinda’s incredible Khan Envelope Test properly explained by our very own Eddie Burke. First marketed by Corinda’s Magic Studio, Khan Envelope Test is one of the hottest utility items to help you to ‘read other people’s minds’ ever!

Khan Envelope Test is an old and little known concept that delivers to you any words, numbers, questions and designs secretly written by audience members.

It is very low tech, so nothing can possibly go wrong. Only ordinary cards, pens and envelopes are used. Lends itself to literally hundreds of different effects and applications.

Pass out two nested envelopes and a blank postcard together with a pen, all of which can be thoroughly examined.

Have anything you wish secretly written anywhere onto the card by an audience member. This card is sealed inside the two envelopes and yet you know exactly what has been written and can reveal it in any way that your routine requires!

Please remember:
*No switching, windows or slits in the envelopes, they are completely unprepared exactly as you purchase them locally.
*No carbon, magic slates or NCR or other impressions are used.
*In fact nothing other than the two envelopes, card and pen are required – all available from your local stationery shop.
*Very easy-to-do, no sleight of hand required so you can concentrate on your presentation with nothing to worry about!

Full details are properly explained together with some of Eddie's own handlings, including his folded card concept that will allow you to perform any number of interesting, entertaining and original effects!

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