Odd Quad with DVD and Cards

Odd Quad with DVD and Cards

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A triple climax routine with a technicolor finish! Four aces are shown and one is selected by a spectator. The chosen ace is shown to be "odd" because it's the only RED backed card in the BLUE backed packet.

A different ace is chosen and this second selection now becomes the new "odd" card because it's the only BLUE backed card in the RED backed packet! The first "odd" card has a red back and the second "odd" card has a blue back.

The two remaining cards also prove to be "odd" because their backs are YELLOW and GREEN! All four Aces have different coloured backs!

Everything can be examined and you are instantly reset.

Odd Quad comes complete with FIVE poker sized cards printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company (the extra card is for a more advanced handling), detailed written instructions including the advanced handling and a performance/explanation DVD which includes a live performance at the Magic Castle. Wow! That's a lot of value for only £10.99!

"Daryl's Odd Quad offers an excellent commercial card trick for beginners. The effect itself is quite good and it’s easy to learn and perform...I highly recommend this one." Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 4/26/2010 Full Review

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Only £10.99

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