Smiling Assassin - Sale item

Smiling Assassin - Sale item

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A wonderfully entertaining card routine that always gets a great reaction.

You display pack of cards with smiling faces on their backs. One of the cards is selected by a spectator and lost in the deck.

The spectator is handed a small gun. The gun is aimed at the pack the trigger is pulled. The gun goes off with a loud bang. The cards are then dealt face down on the table until you come to one card with a frown on its face, a hole through its head and blood splattered all over its face. The card is turned over and it proves to be the selected card!

Everything is examinable. Drop dead easy to do.

Comes complete with a custom printed poker-size pack of cards, photo-illustrated instructions and four extra assassinated cards.

Use your own toy gun or if you prefer have the spectator form his fingers into a gun take aim and say BANG!

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