Pro-Menta Card Prediction

Pro-Menta Card Prediction

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Borrow any pack of playing cards, which can be shuffled by the audience to their heart’s content.

You write out a secret prediction on a slip of paper. A spectator holds this tightly in his own hand and you never touch it again.

With the shuffled pack behind your back, you secretly turn just one card face upwards. Immediately the pack is handed to a second spectator and you never touch the pack again.

A number is chosen quite by chance by dealing cards into four piles and adding together four freely chosen cards.
The spectator counts down to this number in the pack – it proves to be the only card that is FACE UPWARDS in the FACE DOWN PACK. Let’s say it is the Six of Hearts (But it can be any card – remember it is a borrowed pack).

The prediction (still untouched by you) is opened by any spectator and read out aloud. You have correctly predicted the SIX OF HEARTS!

Once you know this clever secret, you can perform this sensational effect anywhere at anytime. No get ready, just borrow any pack of cards, allow them to shuffle the cards, borrow paper and pen for your prediction and you are ready to knock their eyes out.

We supply instructions only, as they are all you will ever need. No skill is required. It’s dead easy!

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