Fiedler's Flier

Fiedler's Flier

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A spectator shuffles the deck and then selects a playing card in a very fair manner.

Without any suspicious moves, the selected card completely vanishes from the deck the spectator is holding.

The card then reappears in the card box or virtually anywhere else the magician desires! The possibilities are unlimited!

Here's another example directly from the instructions; The magician shows an envelope to be empty, seals it closed and a spectator sits upon it.

The selected card is vanished while the spectator is holding the deck.

Miraculously, the envelope that the spectator has been sitting on is torn open and the selection is found inside!

This amazing mystery is very easy to do because the secret gimmick does all the work.

To bring you the very best quality magic, the special Fiedler's Flier card is printed exclusively by the United States Playing Card Company on red Bicycle Rider back cards, you just need to supply a matching pack.

Detailed instruction sheet included.


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