Coin Dumper

Coin Dumper

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A best seller. Coin Dumper is a special gimmick designed to hold about a dozen coins and release them into your hand all together, when desired.

It differs from coin catchers and droppers in that all the coins are delivered into your hand as a stack and not one at a time, allowing you to produce a shower of coins from apparently thin air!

*Ideal as the climax to your Miser's Dream or any coin effect.

*Tell your audience that your show is over and you are paid by magic, as a shower of coins drop into a bowl from your previously shown empty hands.

*Produce a shower of coins from a spectator's nose for a great comedy finish!

Coins are dropped secretly into your hand from the gimmick without any fumbling or having to release a catch in this modern-design easy to use Coin Dumper that we supply.

Comes complete with instructions and several excellent ideas for its use.

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