Pseudo Psychometry & Graphology

Pseudo Psychometry & Graphology

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Ted Annemann gave the mindreading and magic world his fantastic Pseudo Psychometry routine and Al Koran used this as a basis of his Graphology effect that he featured on British television.

Tony Griffiths came up with an entertaining presentation with a wonderful climax and Maurice Fogel used the same concept for his famous ‘Second Spot’, marketed by the late Ken Brooke. Larry Becker came up with another terrific idea that climaxed Al Koran’s Graphology routine.

Eddie Burke has used all the above ideas in his act during the past thirty years. Over that time he has put together two of the most HILARIOUS comedy routines ever. These will have your audience truly rolling in the aisles when you add them to your repertoire. None of the mystery of these classic effects is neglected; indeed, these routines will baffle even the most knowledgeable mentalist or magician.
Uses easily obtained props. Both routines can be very quickly learned in just one evening. Easy to do. A professional comedy routine which uses no bad language and so is suitable for most adult audiences.

Please don’t be put off this by the low price charged; this is entertainment as it should be; fast, funny and truly different. Why not be the first to feature this in your area, by sending for your Mr. 'E' Booklet today?

“Your Psychometry routine is worth a fortune to a working performer”. Quentin Reynolds. Dublin, Ireland.

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