Dictionary Prediction by Frank Paul

Dictionary Prediction by Frank Paul

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Frank Paul & Robert Nathan had one of the most incredible two-person code acts around in the 1950s and early sixties. They were a sensation on BBC TV with their own series called ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ On one of these shows Paul ‘telepathically’ transferred a single word from a dictionary to Nathan in another studio.

Magicians nationwide were completely baffled by their performance as the selection of the word seemed so fair.

Few knew the true secret. As Paul and I were old friends and members of the same local magic society, we had shared this particular secret method and both worked out our own separate routines.

Paul’s was a two-person telepathy routine, mine was a prediction - now for the very first time I am releasing the clever yet simple secret to the magic fraternity.

You show a large sealed envelope as your prediction, leaving it in full view. An ordinary everyday dictionary is passed for examination. Two members of the audience form a page number – nothing is written down. No dice, cards or adding numbers together are used.

The page number thus formed is turned to and a prominent word is called off that page. The large prediction envelope is opened – it contains a smaller envelope. This is removed and the large envelope demonstrated to be empty. The second envelope is opened and a smaller envelope is removed. Again, the second envelope is shown empty.

Finally, any spectator opens the third envelope and it contains a single piece of paper.
Boldly written or printed on this piece of paper is the selected word!

The word is different at every performance. Nothing but the ordinary unfaked dictionary, envelopes & prediction papers are used. No counting or adding numbers together. Nothing is written down. No short or long pages, no Swami or similar. Ideal for walkabout, close-up & cabaret.

Bonus effect: Also explained is Frank Paul's sensational effect in which a playing card selected by a spectator appears in a pack and at a number freely formed by two other spectators.

Comes with our Mr E booklet including the Frank Paul & Robert Nathan two-person TV telepathy method. Use your own dictionary, envelopes and prediction papers.

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