Hypnotic Mind Control - Table-hop pro size cards Out of stock sorry

Hypnotic Mind Control - Table-hop pro size cards Out of stock sorry

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Presented as an experiment in spontaneous telepathy where the mind of one person seeks to impose its ideas on the mind of another, Eddie, during the latter part of performing his mentalism & hypnosis shows, usually performed this stunner just before his hypnotic routine, thereby setting the atmosphere for the mesmerising activities to follow.

He placed a sealed envelope, containing his prediction, in full view of his audience and never once touched it again; no switch or anything similar was involved.

A volunteer secretly remembers a playing card only in her own mind. No written record is made and no pre-show work is required.

You are now in a strong position to apparently read her mind and reveal the card she is thinking of or have your envelope opened without your touching it to prove that you have predicted her very card!

Both of these revelations are possible but after many successful performances Eddie dropped it to try something different, later he resurrected it once again which he found created a profound effect time after time on his audiences often resulting in a standing ovation just before the interval of his super one-person two-hour show.

Comes with instructions and Table-hop Pro sized playing cards.

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