Blendo Plus

Blendo Plus

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Colourful tricks with silks are always popular with audiences of all ages.Here is one that is bound to meet with their approval.

You show a cardboard tube stretching it flat open to show that it is empty and then reforming it into a tube once again.

Three 12-inch silks in different colours are pushed into the tube one at a time.

When the silks emerge from the opposite end of the tube they have mysteriously become tied together! But there is more to come.

The silks are now wound around your hand and without any cover mysteriously change to becomes one beautiful tri-coloured 18-inch silk much to the audiences delight and amazement!

Exceptional value, comes complete with all the silks, tube and full instructions ready for you to perform.

Easy to do feature magic that you will enjoy presenting!

Only £10.25

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