Ultimate Invisible Deck

Ultimate Invisible Deck

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A unique version of the Danny Korem and Jerry Andrus Omni Deck, by Shawn Farquhar. This is more than an effect, this is a crucial technique used in Farquhar's act that has won him multiple awards from SAM, IBM, PCAM and FISM.

You get a finely crafted block of plastic that has been laser cut and machined to the size of a pack of cards.

Using this unique block (aka Omni Deck, crafted by Palmer Tilden) and Shawn's deck switch technique you will be able to present an incredible ambitious card routine that ends with the deck of cards magically turning into a block of plastic right in the spectator's hands!

Take a look at the video and see the wondrous effect for yourself before you order.

Comes with quality laser-cut plastic block & instructions.

Only £19.99

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