Numbers in Mind - Table hopping Pro size cards

Numbers in Mind - Table hopping Pro size cards

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You position your prediction in full view and hand out nine pocket-sized laminated cards each with a number from one to nine upon them. The cards are in three different colours and all nine may be shuffled together by a spectator.

Three volunteers each take three cards of a different colour. The three participants may stand in any order they wish, and they decide which order the colours the numbers are called in so forming three, three-digit numbers. It is plain everything is being done under strict test conditions

As each number is formed you or another spectator write it boldly onto a pad or alternatively enter it into a calculator perhaps on a borrowed mobile telephone and the participant announces the total out loud for everyone to hear.

Anyone displays your prediction and you have incredibly correctly predicted the grand total! Everything can be left for examination.

We also explain a fantastic book test and a comedy presentation possible with these handy numbered cards Plus the perfect lock release effect and Al Korans number engraved on the back of a large coin.

No stooges or secret assistants, strictly a one-person presentation. Works beautifully every time. A feature effect that fits in your pocket and can be worked close-up, cabaret, stage or television.

Comes with nine numbered pocket-sized, or larger Jumbo size cards as you prefer and instructions.

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