Numbers in Mind - Table hopping Pro size cards

Numbers in Mind - Table hopping Pro size cards

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A super number prediction suitable for cabaret, stage & close-up!

You freely show nine colourful laminated Table Hopping Pro A6 sized cards numbered on one side from one through to nine. On the opposite side of each there are coloured question marks.

The cards can be freely examined and mixed by your audience.

You place a prediction in full view and this can be written on any sheet of paper, slate or anything and you never touch it again.

Spectator number one takes the number cards and genuinely mixes them and then chooses three for himself, passing the balance to any lady. She also mixes her six cards and chooses three passing the remaining three to another spectator.

Three different sets of three different digit numbers are formed by these three spectators and these are then called out loud and totalled by anyone.

Although it is clear that the three numbers have been arrived at randomly when your prediction is opened it is seen by everyone to be 100% correct!

The special examinable set of cards we supply can be used in many other ways for example we explain a truly baffling book or dictionary test using any large book - even a borrowed one; plus a hilarious comedy routine.

Comes complete with the Table hopping Pro size laminated number cards & instructions.

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