Signed Card in Shoe

Signed Card in Shoe

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This is a terrific effect for close-up, walkabout, cabaret or stage.

A playing card is selected (no force), signed by a member of the audience and then lost in the pack. You attempt to find it by touch alone but fail to do so.

Complaining that there is something in your shoe that is distracting you, you take it off and ask a spectator to empty whatever is inside the toe of the shoe into their hand.

They themselves tip up the shoe and out drops a folded card directly into their own palm, you do not touch the card in any way.

The spectator who chose and signed the card unfolds it to discover it is their very own selected card bearing their own signature!

Please note: The shoe is not faked or prepared in any way. The card genuinely has their signature in permanent marker ink.

The playing card that drops out of the shoe is their signed card, there is no exchange made.

Any pack of playing cards, even a borrowed one. No palming away of the card is required. No sleight of hand. Can also be presented as Signed Banknote in Shoe.

Comes with instructions in our Mr. E Booklet. Use your own shoes (slip-on style is best but lace-ups can be used) playing cards & marker pen.

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