The Red Prediction

The Red Prediction

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You show six cards each of which contains a number from one through to six.

You now write a prediction which is given to a spectator to hold. Please note your never again touch the prediction; it is safely kept by the spectator.

The cards are mixed and laid some face up and some face down in a row on the table.

Any spectator calls out a number from one through to six and please note there is no force of this number, they really do have a perfectly free choice.

The card indicated by their number is displayed as are all the other cards not selected.

The spectators themselves open and read out their prediction and you have correctly predicted the very card they have chosen!

Comes complete with all the cards and full instructions ready to perform anywhere-anytime.

Sold at an incredibly low Mr.E price for such a clever and baffling, easy to do effect.

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