What's Mine is Mine - Difficult to find Magic

What's Mine is Mine - Difficult to find Magic

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Only five left and once these are sold this is gone for good. Act now.

Fools the pants off of magicians and laymen alike! It's a fun, ultra easy, quickie that you can carry with you all the time, not to mention it's a steal at our low price!

You display a small packet of cards and ask that someone touch the back of any card they would like, it is a free selection and they may change their mind as often as they choose.

The selected card is removed from the packet and placed upon the table. You then explain, "I'm glad you took that card because these are all MINE!" With that the cards in your hands are all turned to reveal the word MINE in big, bold letters! "But the card you took is YOURS!" The spectator's selection is turned over to reveal the word YOURS printed on it in bright red letters!

You can also add the YOUR card back to the packet and instantly repeat the trick thus proving that what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours!

Just five available, once they are gone they are gone for good

This is a knock-out effect that requires no special counts or sleight of hand. There is only one 'YOURS' card in the packet; all of the others truly say 'MINE'. Uses absolutely NO rough & smooth! There is NO force and the effect can instantly be repeated!

Comes with special silk screened cards, wallet, & full instructions. Make this YOURS now!

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