Paper Linking Rings De Luxe

Paper Linking Rings De Luxe

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This is the De Luxe set of Paper Linking Rings not to be confused with a cheaper version using only two papers. Please view the video! Fantastic do as I do trick.

THREE triangular folded pieces of paper each a different colour (blue, pink and yellow) are shown, the blue and pink are given to spectators and the yellow is kept by the magician.

You tear your paper triangle and the spectators follow along with their different coloured triangles. The papers can be cut with scissors if you wish, although they have been specially perforated for easy tearing.

When finished, everyone opens what remains of their paper, the spectator with the pink paper has two paper rings but they are fused together, the spectator with the blue paper has two paper rings that are linked and you the magician have two yellow rings that are also linked, but you can then separate them into two individual rings!

The outfit contains enough sets of paper rings for TEN shows (that's 30 prepared papers) & instructions.

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