Can You Hear Me Now? DVD

Can You Hear Me Now? DVD

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Imagine being able to do cards tricks over the telephone or when you are in the next room; yes and even on the radio or television.

Imagine how impressed a prospective booker will be when you not only give him details of how you can make them look good at their important event, but you prove it by performing your magic there and then on the telephone.

The possibilities in the hands of the wide awake performer are tremendous.

Can You Hear Me Now is a unique DVD which contains ten amazing effects with cards that you can do over the telephone or for live audiences.

PHONE ZONE (Peter Duffie), TELEMENTAL (Bob King), HOCUS POCUS (Eddie Joseph), LINEAR BLACKJACK (Karl Fulves), TWO CARDS (Stewart Judah), LIE DETECTOR (Al Thatcher), BREAKING POINT (Aldo Colombini), TAMAX (Dougie Gibbard), WIZARD (Peter Duffie), HALF AS GREAT (Max Maven).

You, of course, do not touch the cards, yet you will amaze everyone!

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