Wax Crayon Mystery

Wax Crayon Mystery

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You show a set of jumbo wax crayons each a different colour and describe the pictures that can be created with a little imagination, for example Green you could draw a green meadow, Red or Orange a wonderful sunset etc.

While your back is turned an adult or child freely chooses any one of the different coloured crayons and uses it to draw an imaginary picture in the air then drops their chosen colour into your hand behind your back, the remaining colours are all hidden inside a simple envelope and the chosen colour is also dropped out of sight into the envelope which my be sealed, so no crayon remains in view.

Immediately you turn to face everyone for the first time and start to draw a picture in the air with a pretend crayon, verbally describing the picture as you do so, and describing the imaginary picture the spectator drew with the crayon.

Finally to everyone’s complete amazement you correctly and accurately name the freely chosen coloured crayon! Sound familiar? Wait till you read our terrific routine.

Easy to do. The trick can be repeated several times if you so wish. Crayons are all the same length and width and nothing is faked in any manner.

Comes complete with six quality jumbo sized wax crayons, envelope & instructions.

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