Full DVD

Full DVD

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Well named, and performed by Cameron Francis himself! Allows you to perform miracles under the fairest and cleanest conditions imaginable. Stuff that one just can’t do impromptu, stuff that will seriously blow your spectator's minds.

This DVD contains three such stunning tricks. Each effect requires a full deck set-up and each one is self-working. Just add presentation and stir vigorously.

The three effects use completely normal decks which, after the trick is over, can be shuffled up and used to produce all sorts of impromptu miracles. All of them make very good openers.

Give at least one of these tricks a try and revel in the fact that you don't need to bust your knuckles to entertain and amaze!

OVER THE TOP: A multi-climax spelling effect which ends with the discovery of four Royal Flushes and the rest of the deck separating into the four suits!

PURE LUCK: A double prediction effect where the magician predicts the location of a mate in the deck & the identity of a mystery card. Instant reset.

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE: A self-working card to pocket transposition with a kicker ending. Easyily reset.

"Awesome effects and highly recommended!" Donny Orbit.
"Nothing But Trouble is no trouble at all. Lovely trick!" Paul Hallas.
"FULL is right! FULL as in FULL of effects that could easily have been released individually! Awesome stuff - the usual Francis calibre!" Dave Forrest.

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