Challenge ESP for Two People

Challenge ESP for Two People

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This manuscript describes an easy-to-learn act for two people that can be performed under ‘test or challenge’ conditions.

With your ‘medium’ under guard in a separate room and using no radio, telephone or mechanical means of communicating with each other, in the first test the medium correctly reveals an article taken from an audience member’s pocket or handbag. Next, members of the audience write down an article of furniture, a flower and a colour.

One or all three are now correctly revealed by the ‘medium’, still isolated from you in a separate room and still under strict guard. Finally a playing card is freely chosen. Its name is written down, and then any spectator conceals it in their pocket. The rest of the pack is hidden. You are now isolated in yet another room.

Only then is the medium, who is still under escort, brought in. Amazingly, she not only locates the person who has the ‘secret message’ in their pocket, but she is able to reveal all – naming the freely chosen playing card without fail!

Please remember the card is NOT forced, it is a completely free choice. Indeed, you need not use playing cards at all, the spectator writing down any card they wish. No one-ahead. No special props are used, only a simple notepad, pen or pencil. No confederates or stooges. Quickly learned by any two people.

Ideal for challenges in newspaper offices or to perform as an extra following your regular show. Perfect to have up your sleeve (so to speak!)for parties and social gatherings. A fantastic reputation maker.

“Just received your Challenge E.S.P. for Two People. It is far too cheap. A truly outstanding method” - The Amazing Marvos.

Comes with our 6-page booklet. TV rights strictly reserved.

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