ESP Card Magic Vol. 5 Sorry Sold out

ESP Card Magic Vol. 5 Sorry Sold out

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1 in stock. This is the fifth in a superb series of DVDs dedicated to effects using ESP cards. Many famous performers have contributed to create a high standard DVD with strong effects & routines.

Contents: SYMBOLICLUE (Werner Miller): A spectator picks a card. The other cards are dealt in four packets and assembled randomly. When you turn over the cards in pairs only four cards match (say four Squares), the fifth symbol is the selected one (Square)!

WHITEWASH (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson): Four cards with numbers shuffled by a spectator are used to find four symbols (say all Square), that match your prediction. At the end all the other cards are blank. This is a great routine!

INTERIOR DESIGNS (Roy Walton): Two spectators remove a symbol at random from two packets repeatedly shuffled. You reveal these two symbols! And lots more!

Running time approximately 47 minutes. 1 in stock.

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