Piratical Prisoner

Piratical Prisoner

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Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Piratical Prisoner has loads of pirate style fun for all your children and family shows.

Captain Crook is a colourful pirate figure who has roamed the seven seas looting other ships, raiding coastlines and infringing copyrights wherever he goes.

One day the King’s soldiers turn up to arrest him and clap him in jail bringing to an end his dastardly piratical ways!

Everything is illustrated by five jumbo size colourful laminated cards; one shows an empty Jail in which they intend to lock up the wicked Captain, three show pictures of colourful 18th century Soldiers and the fifth shows a picture of the bearded Captain Crook himself, complete with a peg leg, parrot and cutlass, looking very fierce and to the loud boos from your audience.

Two of the cards including Captain Crook are now turned with their backs towards the audience and mixed with the cards showing soldiers. The spectators are invited to guess which of the face down cards the pirate is! Yes! It is a game of “Hunt Captain Crook the crafty pirate” but no matter which card they choose they fail to find the elusive Captain.

One card is now removed thus improving the spectators’ odds – still they fail to pick out the sneaky Pirate. The odds are continually improved for the spectators by removing one card at a time, three cards, and two cards but still they lose.

It’s great fun as both the children and their parents take it in turns to guess, but always they miss the pirate card completely! Only one face down card left in your hand – surely it must be Captain Crook – but no, when this final card is turned over it too is a soldier – where is Captain Crook?

Eventually the jail picture, which has been showing its back in full view since the start, is shown, and there is Captain Crook the pirate magically and securely behind bars in the jail for the stunning and applause-winning climax to an entertaining effect.

Piratical Prisoner resets in a moment & very easy to do. Takes very little room at the bottom of your show bag.

Comes complete with all the laminated picture cards, envelope, routine & full instructions ready for you to perform!

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