Telethought Pad by Chris Kenworthey

Telethought Pad by Chris Kenworthey

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Technology at its best by the renowned Chris Kenworthey! Imagine having a spectator literally think of any word, any number, any design, or ANY thought.

The thought is written on an innocent-looking pad. Now, thanks to the Telethought Pad you instantly know their thought.

You and the spectator are actually looking at the gimmick at the same time, but they never know it. All of the volunteer's information is delivered ingeniously, imperceptibly and effortlessly to the performer!

Any book test, design duplication, add-a-number routine, any mental experiment, all are devilishly simple with this extraordinarily clever yet subtle new gimmick.

The best part is, you don't even have to touch the pad to get all of the information!

Here are the unprecedented test conditions of the Telethought Pad:

*No impression devices
*Instant reset
*Spectator's thoughts are never ripped out of the pad
*Once the thought is written in the pad it is closed and NEVER opened again during remainder of the trick!
*Real time mindreading with NO pre-show work necessary
*Delayed peek; glimpse can be made any time after the thought is written
*Refills available at a nominal cost.

To see a Telethought Pad is to want a Telethought Pad! We KNOW you want one!

Telethought Pad dimensions approximately 4.5" x 3".

Only £29.85

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