Train Noises

Train Noises

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Train Noises is the ideal ice-breaker or audience participation item for your show. Children love it. Adults adore it. Pensioners admire it!

This is NOT a magic item but a great comedy novelty that is ideal for magicians, children’s entertainers, M.C.s, compeers, comedians, cruise directors, entertainment managers & anyone that entertains people anywhere - anytime.

You patter and gag about your recent experiences on the London underground and mention that in the past you used to travel on the romantic old steam trains, where you would also have a meal in the dining carriage.

It was strange how the different courses of your luncheon sounded very much like the sound of the steam train.

At this point you give a demonstration of what you mean with the aid of some A4 size laminated Menu Cards – this is so novel and effective that it always involves much laughter and applause from your audience.

Now the fun really starts as you have the audience make the sounds while you hold up the cards for them to see.

First you have the girls, next the boys and finally the entire audience together – everyone loves it and the room will soon be full of happy laughter from an audience that is really enjoying itself.

It’s the perfect ice-breaker!

Comes with the special A4 size Menu Cards & the fun filled script all ready for you to perform.

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