Three Little Indians - A4 Stage size

Three Little Indians - A4 Stage size

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Important this video shows the smaller A5 size Three Little Indians:

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Updated and improved - no pockets used for the vanish!

You show a colourful laminated wigwam folder claiming that three young Indian boys live inside, unfortunately they are away from home at the moment as you show the folder to be empty and then you leave it on the table in full view.

The children are now shown pictures of the three Indian boys, first there is Little Red Feather all dressed in red then Little Yellow Feather all dressed in yellow and finally Little Blue Feather all dressed in blue!

You explain that Little Red Feather has magical qualities and is learning how to make himself disappear, he is turned with his back to the audience and everyone makes the Indian call “Whoohoohoohoo” and you claim he has disappeared but the audience can still see the card with its back turned to them, loads of cries to “Turn the picture around!”

With all the usual fun as you mistake what they mean until eventually the penny drops and you show that Little Red Feather has disappeared in a flash! Where can he be? Is he inside the wigwam? No for when this is opened he is nowhere to be found.

You are a little worried that he has got lost in the magic world and so you instruct the children that if they see him they are to make the Indian call to guide him home again “Whoohoohoohoo” and now the fun really starts as a cut-out of Little Red Feather pops up from the wigwam and the children make their call “Whoohoohoohoo”

But just as you look where the children are pointing he has popped down again inside.

This business is repeated three or four times until eventually you catch on and bring the routine to a close by restoring Little Red Feather back safe & sound inside his wigwam and the boys and girls give him a bag cheer!

Comes complete with all the laminated cards & wigwam, full routine and instructions. Supplied in two sizes Stage Size A4 and Parlour Size A5. It’s a fun-packed winner for your NEW children’s show!

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