Farmer and Rabbit - A5 Parlour Size

Farmer and Rabbit - A5 Parlour Size

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An endearing version of our popular Farmer & the Witch suitable for your children’s shows!

You tell a story, illustrated with two laminated pictures, of a farmer who chases a Rabbit off his land who is always stealing his carrots.

Now the Rabbit was a magic Rabbit he uttered the magic smell – er spell, “Abracadabra!” and sure enough the Rabbit is inside the house enjoying the warmth and the delicious food – while the farmer found himself outside in the cold!

The next morning after a good night’s rest, our Rabbit said his magic word backwards, “Arbadacarba!” and magicked himself back outside the farmhouse – while the confused farmer found himself cold and wet back inside his house once more – vowing he would never be unkind to the rabbit ever again!

During the telling of the story the two picture cards magically change places twice in the most bewildering manner, the method being based on the two-card Monte and the unusual story containing a moral that your young audiences will never forget.

Farmer & the Rabbit is available in two sizes A4 Stage size cards and A5 Parlour size cards.

Comes complete with Eddie Burke’s exclusive handling for the Two-Card Monte including his handling for children’s & adults performances.

Farmer & the Rabbit is very easy to do and comes with the necessary cards and full instructions so that you can perform this right away!

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