Drop-Outs - Incorporating Hypnotic Influence KdC

Drop-Outs - Incorporating Hypnotic Influence KdC

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Can be presented as walkabout hypnotism where you appear to have a strange influence on both a spectator’s mind and also their FINGERS!

You drop five mini playing cards face down in full view and give a regular pack of cards to an audience member to shuffle.

The top five regular cards of the pack are now dealt face down and a lady freely selects one of them and leaves it face down on the table sight of the face unseen by anyone including the lady.

The spectator is instructed to place both her palms together and you insert a mini card between each pair of fingers and thumbs so that each mini card is held firmly in place by the lady’s fingers.

The lady is now requested to separate each set of fingers and thumbs in turn allowing four of the mini card she holds to drop out, the spectator does as instructed but finds one set of fingertips impossible to open and so this card remains locked between her two fingers.

You remove this one mini card and show its face to the audience, finally the regular previously selected card is shown and it is an exact match of the mini card!

A startling and unusual effect that can either be presented as psychic power or hypnotic influence.

Folded slips of paper can be used with the names of playing cards written upon them instead of the mini cards or use folded slips as an exciting version of the famous Living & Dead test, fully explained in the instructions.

Everything can be examined and found to be perfectly ordinary despite the extraordinary effect you have performed.

No fakes or sticky stuff is used. Use your own or even a borrowed deck of cards.

Comes with five mini playing cards & instructions.

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